68% of Russians know about Bitcoin

The Romir Research Holding Survey showed that less than half of Russians understand what cryptocurrency is, and people with low income disassembled in this matter better than secured.

I heard 68% of respondents about Bitcoin, and 4% know about the ether, the remaining coins are even lower. Despite frequent mention in the media and governments’s close attention to the topic of virtual currencies, 56% of Russians have no idea about them. Only 31% of citizens said that they only understand what cryptocurrency is. Moreover, people with low demand so responded in 38% of cases, and secured only 26%. Just 13% of respondents are well versed in this thread, and only 2% own cryptocurrency.

According to Romir, 76% of the owners of coins were told that they were invested in order to profit, and more than half of them said that they received the desired result. However, 24% was investing due to fashion, 16% planned to use coins as a means of payment, and 15% under the influence of advertising.

Most were invested in

Among those who at least about knowing about cryptocurrency, 36% consider it a means of payment, 38% said that these are full-fledged digital money. Part (17%) refers to coins as to the scam response, and 6% compare the virtual currency with gambling.

In a successful future, the cryptocurrency is confidently confident 15% of citizens (among young people, this indicator reaches 26%), and 13% predict failure. The rest were not so categorical, but 42% positively look at the development prospects of the industry.

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