90% of corporate blockchain projects never introduce

The international consulting company Forrester Research determined that, despite the loud fanfares, 90% of the test corporate projects on the blockchain will never be implemented as a specific service or market product.

Almost every day, one of the major companies declares that he launches a pilot project on the blockchain, which will «turn» the market. However, according to experts, in the implementation process, the developers experience difficulties with managing performance, operations control and refuse to cooperate with competitors. This leads to tightening the timing and decline in expectations.

The Forrester Research report provides some examples of unsuccessful pilot projects. ASX Australian Stock Exchange planned to translate the settlement system at the blockchain at the beginning of 2018, but postponed the launch until 2020-2021. BHP Billiton wanted to track breed and fluid samples using the blockchain at the beginning of 2017, but completely abandoned this idea. A group of American stock exchanges planned to translate voting to a decentralized platform, but for two years the project was never implemented due to the lack of interaction between the participants.

According to Gartner’s research, only 1% of technical directors said that their company actually applies blockchas in its activities. At the same time, 80% stated that they did not even think about it. Gartner analysts mark a huge discrepancy between the hype and the real state of affairs.