According to members of the Discussion Club «Valdai», all problems cryptocurrency are solved

In attempts to reveal the real possibilities of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, specialists of the Discussion Club «Valdai» investigated the most popular issues of the represented area.

Through the study of the possibilities and features of the position of the new digital tool, it was determined that its modern species needs essential modifications. In particular, special attention was paid to the following problems.

In the world there are no uniform conditions for regulation cryptocurrency. Countries have taken an expectant position, against the background of which everyone is waiting for decisive action from others in order to be able to observe the consequences. However, regulation is a matter of time, the solution of which will fully disclose the capabilities of digital coins.

Cryptocurrencies today are not able to provide a sufficient degree of security. Hacker and other threats really need to be improved, since otherwise the popularization of digital coins will bring chaos.

It is necessary to create conditions for interaction cryptocurrency with the usual phiatat: today their conversion does not have a clear regulation.

Integration issues also play an important role. The fact is that the world is not yet ready to abandon the usual financial system, but the blockchain is really able to improve it. Accordingly, the world needs effective solutions that will allow to take the best from the blockchain as supporting existing systems.

In general, members of the Discussion Club «Valdai»

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