Airless space is closer to Earth than expected

Astrophysicik Jonathan Mc Dowell calculated the distance from the ground to the outer space. According to him, the airless space turned out to be closer to Earth by 20 km.

Mak-Dowell believes that drawing up the borders using the level of the pocket (the generally accepted height above sea level) cannot be used for calculations. Due to the lack of inclusion in the formula of objective orbital indicators.

Astrophysician found his work on analyzing the data research data, which was obtained from satellites. Initially, data from 43 thousands were involved. The devices, however, further selection on compatibility criteria allowed to reduce the number to 50. Clearing occurred through the analysis of the current location and flight area.

Satellites, which for one reason or another were forced to descend to a mark, equal to 80 km from the ground, received a gravitational impact that delays them into the atmosphere. Based on the data obtained, the scientist concluded that the generally accepted edge of the cosmos was incorrect: in fact, the land closer to it by 20 km.

It is not yet known whether the previous calculations are indeed incorrect or the reason that there were some global natural changes.

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