Americans are afraid that Iran will create viruses for theft cryptocurrency in response to sanctions

Experts of the Cybersecurity Department of the company ACCENTURE PLC, tracing five varieties of the virus, cryptocurrency, reached Iranian hackers and fear that in this way the country plans to compensate for the losses from US sanctions.

Viruses-extortionists have become a real problem for large American enterprises, governmental and municipal organizations, forcing the requirements of fraudsters. The consulting company fears that Iran can make the production of viruses by the national program and intentionally distribute them.

Another cybersecurity company Crowdstrike argues that one of the detected programs is related directly to the Iranian authorities and prevents the work of the Government monitoring of citizens. Previously, analysts also said that there were viruses for theft of data.
Accenture suspects Iran and in the development of some hidden mining programs, finding their connection with Middle Eastern digital signatures.

Iran, in response to charges, said that he had no relation to these developments and was the victim of hacking.

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