An American student arrested, stolen cryptocurrency

A twenty-year-old American student was arrested, who hacked the SIM card 40 cryptoinvestors and kidnapped about $ 5 million in virtual currency.

Joel Ortiz received access to private data on the New York Consensus Conference, duplicating the SIM cards present. Next, he urged the operator to consolidate the phone number of the victim to a new map controlled by a hacker. After that, he received access to trading accounts. In most cases, even two-factor authentication was not enough, since he went through this protection. One of the investors present at the conference lost thus cryptocurrency for $ 1.5 million.

College’s student managed to arrest only recently at the airport when he wanted to leave the country. He was charged with 28 charges, among which hacking, theft of personal data and funds in large sizes. After the arrest of Joel Ortis confessed to the deed. Investigators suggest that he also planned to hack twitter and the email of the victims to then demand redemption for them.

The fraudster managed to catch only after he focused on one investor for several months. He not only hacked accounts, but also began to pursue the daughter of the victim. This allowed California cyberprice to analyze his messages, tie them with Android specific devices and accounts.

Fraudsters regularly improve their methods and invent new ways of deception.