At the Bahamas in September, the blockchain committee will begin

The first meeting of the heads of the Committee on Blocked Technologies will be held in early September. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Peter TERNKVEST.

According to the Ministry of Finance of the island state, the blockchain can improve cooperation in the economy. The TERNXEST compares blockchas with early Internet. The Minister considers this technology important, because it will be able to simplify control over economics and citizens, and entrepreneurs will be easier to conduct business.

One of the local experts on the blockchain, Chief Executive Officer of Deep Minds Jason Lich, recently noted that the Bahamas should become pioneers in the field of application of blockchain-technologies and form a suitable infrastructure for the exchange of cryptocurrency, in order to get ahead of the global market. According to Lich, if the Bahamas will not act quickly enough to become a global leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, jurisdiction will have to play «Catching», from the point of view of regulatory issues.

For this, the authorities have created a blockchain committee that will implement technology.

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