August 23 will begin a new coast of the US Trade War and China

The United States and China declared their intentions to impose additional 25 percent duties on imported goods worth $ 16 billion from August 23.

China said that toughen the terms of delivery for American oil products, steel and cars. This step was the answer to US statements about a similar solution for Chinese motorcycles, cars and industrial chemistry. Plans of both parties affect the goods by $ 16 billion and should enter into force on August 23.

Last month, the country introduced mutual trade duties for deliveries worth $ 34 billion. New tightening will lead to total punitive measures regarding the turnover of $ 100 billion.

It all started with the fact that the United States accused China in unfair trade related to the coercion of the transfer of American technologies and intellectual property, raising the fees on the 333 categories of Chinese goods. Beijing accused Washington in an unreasonable decision and answered. After the threats of Donald Trump on the expansion of the list of goods up to $ 200 billion last week, the conflict began to strengthen.

However, despite the confidence of the states in his victory, the Americans refuse to reduce their appetites. The Customs Service of China recorded in July an export growth in the United States by 12.2% compared with last year, and compared with June, the trade surplus of the Middle Kingdom decreased from only 28.97 to $ 28.09 billion.

Experts say that the trading war has not yet begun, but operates at the advisory level, but the incidence of voltage can lead to unpredictable consequences. Many believe that Donald Trump is not interested in the continuation, imposing new tariffs to conclude a truce on more favorable conditions for the United States and eventually win.

Meanwhile, it seems that