Autumn Ethereum expects Hardfork

Testing the new Ethereum platform protocol should begin on August 13 and last two months. According to the road map, speed will be improved and the cost of the Transaction Commission will be reduced.

While unknown, the exact number of the Hardforka block and the full list of changes that must be entered in the Constantinople protocol are unknown. Developers argue that there are now almost implemented four proposals for improving the network. Some of them are directed to the reorganization of the method of storing the keshy blocks and accelerate the calculations of the Ethereum virtual machine.

The issue of improving the gas pricing system and complications of attacks on the network is also discussed. However, on them the final decision is not yet taken.

Changes should be part of the second group of project updates, which were announced in the fall of 2017. All offers and their discussion are available on the official GitHub Ethereum.

While developers are engaged in improving cryptocurrencies,