Baku will soon meet the famous robot Sofia

As part of the Global Influencer Day, which will be held in Baku, the public will be presented to personally meet the creation of the best programmers of the planet — Sophia’s robot.

Its unique feature is the ability to independently reflect and lead a conscious conversation for a sufficiently large number of different topics. The difference between Sofia is humor — she repeatedly demonstrated her ability to create jokes during meetings with the public.

Sofia is also distinguished by its appearance — it is able to express a wide range of emotions and is very similar to this person. It is believed that the prototype of its appearance was Audrey Hepburn. During his travel, she managed to receive the official citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

At the moment, it is not known whether Sofia will talk with visitors in Azerbaijani. With the greatest probability of the main language of communication will be Russian. Previously, the robot has already demonstrated its communication skills on a non-relative speech. For Russia, its performance was indicative on the popular transmission «Evening Urgant».