Biologists taught cells to be rejuvenated

The use of new formulas for chemicals allowed scientists to close as much as possible to the raystery of the rejuvenation of the cells. During a recent experiment, it was possible to achieve the same level of operability between young and old human cells.

Biologists have discovered the main mechanism that allows you to reverse time in reality. All nuances of the experiment were presented in the Aging edition.

The essence of the work of the group of scientists was focused on finding a solution to the following problem: throughout the life of a person in its body there is an accumulation of old cells, the functionality of which, when compared with the young, is truncated. As a result, we can observe aging processes. One of the most striking examples is the deterioration of the elasticity of blood vessels, due to the qualitative change at the cellular level. As a result, human health gets a mass of threats associated with the function of blood circulation.

It is known that in its work a group of scientists from the University of Exeter, the United Kingdom, made the main bid on the substance AP39, AP123 and RT01, the composition of which was also derived during the research. The main mechanism was the saturation of the mitochondrial hydrogen sulfide, as a result of which the organelles, giving a reaction in the form of an energy of energy, were able to demonstrate amazing results, in the form of improving performance to the level of young cells.

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