Bitcoin futures was first exchanged on the VTS

This week was first recorded the exchange of institutional investors with Wall Street Bitcoin futures on the cryptocurrency itself, and not Fiat.

The EDF & MAN Capital Markets and ITBIT Exchange conducted a transaction in which two institutional traders exchanged positions in the CME Bitcoin Futures Market for the equivalent number of «physical» asset (EFP). Although such operations are usual for the trade of raw materials, but this is the first EFP message, which is based on cryptocurrency.


The transaction is unique in that earlier at the end of the term of the Bitcoin futures, the investor received a fiat equivalent of the cost of the CTS, and not the coins themselves. However, thanks to EFP, traders have more opportunities to interact with digital assets.

American cryptocompany lead active activities for generally adoption of the virtual currency market. Recently, Coinbase stated that it would create a group for lobbying interests in the US government.