BitCryptonews survey: most investors are confident in the success of cryptocurrency, but rarely uses stock exchanges

The BitCryptonews study showed that most crypto investors are confident in the long-term success cryptocurrency and two thirds try to minimize risks. At the same time, 52.4% plans to reinvest the profit.

Our publication conducted a study of the preferences of cryptoinvestors and their life position. For this, more than 1,000 respondents were interviewed by various age categories.
After analyzing the results, we found out that 53.9% of investors prefer only Bitcoin and Etheruum due to their high level of liquidity. The rest of investors are diversifying their portfolio to varying degrees, and 30.7% of respondents said that they own ten or more coins.

At the same time, some choose only a specific group of virtual assets, so, 12.8% are buying only proven coins from Top 10 on capitalization, and 2.6% seek to maximize their profits, therefore invest in new cryptocurrency.

Based on the data, it is clear that at least 66.7% of cryptoinvestors seek to minimize risks.

We also learned about what kind of investors buy cryptocurrency. It turned out that 32.3% of respondents prefer personal meetings, 27% choose exchangers and only 19% use the services of the exchange. Such indicators are associated with the frequent cases of hacking of trading platform servers and the introduction of the mandatory passage of the KYC procedure requiring the confirmation of the personality.

Additionally, investors were asked to talk about what they would spend their profit from cryptoinvestia. It turned out that most of them (52.4%) choose an active economic position and plan to reinvest funds. 37% said that they had their profits in their own business, and 15.4% in real estate. It should be noted that 7.4% intend to transfer money to charity thus earned. 22.3% of respondents answered that they would spend profit on unemployed and carefree life, 9% want to make a world tour, and 8.9% plan to buy a premium car.

The results obtained show that most of the crypto investors prefer long-term strategies and try to minimize risks, which means that they are confident. However, many do not diversify the portfolio or own a large number of assets, which makes it difficult to analyze and manage. This, together with a low interaction with stock exchanges, testifies to passive investment in most cases.

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