BITHUMB suspended the opening of new accounts

South Korean cryptobyrusa Bithumb since August 1 has suspended the registration of new users, as it was not able to extend the contract with the service bank.

The ad says that customers with existing accounts can without problems replenish the deposit and output funds. However, NH Nonghyup bank gave only one additional month of preferential service and the provision of financial services. Therefore, if the trading platform cannot extend the contract, then any operations with the score will become more complicated.

The problem is that, despite the implementation of the new government requirements for identifying the personality, the Bank considers the Bithumb security system is not strong enough. According to NH Nonghyup, the stock exchange has gaps in the data protection system and not paying enough attention to combating money laundering. The bank reinforces its solution to a recent breakdown breakdown and theft $ 16.9 million.

Previously, Bithumb collaborated with Shinhan Bank, but the relationship was discontinued due to an increase in risks associated with serious security violations. The leadership of the cryptobyri plans to negotiate with NH Nonghyup as soon as possible, extend the contract and resume the registration of new users.

Recent negative news again spoiled the mood of traders. However, analysts believe that