Bosch teach the car to understand the weather conditions and make moving safe

Bosch specialists decided to pay attention to the possibilities of training cars safe movement. To do this, it was decided to create a technology that will allow machines to communicate.

Sharing information, as well as complementing its parameters collected by independently, they will be able to determine the optimal speed for movement, as well as recognize possible hazards. In particular, one of the components of the developments will determine the possibilities of automatic piloting: if any of the conditions is a threat to control, the autopilot will offer to take this duty to the driver. According to the company’s statement, special attention will be paid to weather conditions.

Help in providing weather data will be provided by Foreca. In continuation of work, it is planned to create a unified information base, which will read the indicators not only cars, but also other technical devices with open access code. At the exit, the cars will be able to independently determine dangerous areas of the road, regulate their technical capabilities, optimizing them under specified conditions, as well as warn the driver about any changes associated with the adhesion with the roadpapers, visibility, and so on.