Buyers massively return new MacBook Pro

Many owners of the new MacBook Pros model return laptops and cancel orders due to low equipment performance.

Recently, Apple has released a MacBook Pros that supports the Intel Core i9 processor with a claimed frequency of 2.9 GHz. However, everyone who bought a laptop at least $ 2,800 quickly found that the stated indicators do not correspond to real performance. Moreover, the new model actually works worse than last year.

After tests conducted, users found that the wines of the whole poor cooling system, which cannot cope with the intensive heating of Core i9. As a result, to avoid overheating, the system automatically reduces the performance below the base.

Frustrated owners quickly distributed information on forums such as Reddit. Many buyers reported that the manufacturer returned the laptops or canceled their orders. Bloggers began experimenting with ways to solve problems and found that the laptop works normally only if it is placed in the freezer.

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