China plans to introduce duties for 85% of US goods

China, in response to the tariff threats to the Donald Trump administration, plans to introduce duties for 85% of goods imported from the United States, adding American products worth $ 60 billion to the list.

New mutual threats additionally strengthen the trade war between the two major world economies. China has already increased duties on American goods worth $ 50 billion, and in response to the US plans to revise the tariffs for all Chinese products ($ 505 billion) decided to raise fees for goods by another $ 60 billion. Planning fees from imports range from 5% to 25% and Refer to 85% of American products ($ 110 billion).

The Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Si Jinpin seeks to increase the role of the country in the global economy, challenging American domination, and does not intend to infer Washington. Beijing is not limited to increasing duties due to the huge difference in the amounts of the imported goods of opponents. Therefore, it is additionally delayed by issuing licenses to business from the United States and is blocked by a transaction worth $ 44 billion between Qualcomm and NXP.

The United States believes that they have a more profitable position in the trade war, and began to act more aggressively

The US Congress plans to strengthen the pressure and the economy of Russia. Citigroup analysts predict that