Chinese supercomputer is capable of producing quintillion computing

China launched the prototype of the new Sunway Exascale supercomputer, which is capable of producing quintillion computing every second.

Several national technical research centers and an experimental laboratory worked on the creation of the project.

The presented device is a preliminary version of the computer, but is able to make a billion billion operations per second. While the developers compare it with a concept car that can ride. Complete the project plan for the first half of 2021.

Researchers say that the new generation of supercomputers will help in various scientific research. It is also expected that the project will change the weather forecasting, the calculation of ocean flows, analysis of financial indicators, the production of high-tech equipment.

China seeks to strengthen its position and consolidate the status of a leader as the most powerful manufacturer of computing technology. However, the United States and Japan, not wanting to give up, also accelerate the development of supercomputers to submit their own models in 2021.