Chrome will consider HTTP sites unsafe

The updated version of Google Chrome-68 will mark sites with unencrypted connections as «unsafe» in the URL string.

Google confirmed its intentions regarding the policy of promoting an encrypted connection on the Internet. In September, the «Security» indicator will be deleted in the browser next to HTTPS sites, showing that such connections should be used by default and became the main view in the network. After that, when entering the HTTP page, Chrome will show a red warning «unsafe».

The company almost two years ago began to push developers to use encryption, and on Tuesday put a point in this matter. Google believes that users should not use HTTP sites, as they allow the third party to access private information. For example, a hacker or fraudster can intercept credit card credit card information, create a phishing site, track visits to specific pages.

Today, 83% of the best sites already use an encrypted compound, so Google believes that their actions will not greatly affect the industry. In addition, not only Chrome adheres to such a point of view. Firefox also examines this question. Total brazer takes 73% of the market.
Some believe that such measures will destroy passive-managed projects. However, now free HTTP certificates can be obtained from hosting sites such as WordPress, or Internet infrastructure companies such as CloudFlare, Let’s Encrypt.

Safety is of great importance at the current level of technology integration and growing digitalization. It is especially important for the scope of cryptocurrency, where