Coffee for bitcoins.

Popularization of cryptocurrency leads to the fact that many companies are thinking about the need to go to work with a new financial instrument. The trend did not bypass and Starbucks. The reason for the appearance of rumors was the news about the cooperation of the coffee shop network with one of the world’s largest exchange operators, InterContinental Exchange Inc. (ICE), which recently created an enterprise called Bakkt, intended for integrating digital currencies to global trade.

Despite the astronomical growth in the popularity of Bitcoin last year, it is still not used to buy and sell real goods in most countries (at least in its respective popularity scale). Many startups sought to develop exchanges or payment solutions for the sphere of trade, but few were able to offer at least any worthless solutions. Ice wants to help change it. ICE Representatives expressed that Starbucks and Microsoft Corp. Combined efforts to help consumers and institutions «buy, sell, store and spend digital assets». However, no road maps and schedules were presented.

Naturally, such a state of affairs attracted the cryptosocence, because of what the hype rose. Starbucks, in turn, wanting to be honest with their users, was forced to explain: Despite the recent stories related to collaborations, they are not going to take Bitcoin as a form of payment for coffee.

Starbucks representative explained that Starbucks does not want to work with Bitcoins, and simply develops applications for a system that facilitates the conversion of cryptocurrency into cash.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies continue to walk on the planet: earlier we wrote that