Coinbase will create a group for lobbying interests in the US government

Coinbase decided to lobbying political interests. A new organization will allow to represent the interests of the platform at the state level.

The site is seriously configured to influence public administration through the formation of a political committee. This serious step can be considered as an attempt to contribute to the system and largely in the regulation of the position of cryptocurrency, exchange points and crowdfunding in the country.

Today, cryptocurrencies are a niche in which large capital is involved. The Committee on Lobbying Interests, in turn, undertakes to take on issues of promoting their ideas. Given the advantage of Coinbase against other cryptocurrency organizations, such a representation in the market can lead to unlawful actions. The fact is that, despite the attempts of honest politics, the financial component is far from the last criterion for making decisions. Through the existing lever of pressure, representatives of the site will be able to independently correct many aspects related to the activities of the regulators.

Of course, representatives of Coinbase themselves argue that such a scenario has nothing to do with reality, but many figures that have a negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument demonstrate concern about the situation. In the event that such committees are offered from representatives of other no less popular platforms, the seizure of the authorities will probably, the purpose of which will be the leveling of the actual position of regulators to the side, pleasing crypto industry.

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