Created a nanomembrane, reproducing sound

Scientists of the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology created an elastic nanomembrane, which is capable of working as a speaker or microphone, can be attached directly on the skin and connect to the smartphone.

Korean researchers created an electronic device from a silver mesh coated with transparent elastic layers of a polymer capable of playing sound signals. After receiving an audio signal, the nanomembrane begins to reproduce it by changing the pressure of the surrounding air. At the same time, we perceive these oscillations as sound waves. However, the device can also work in the opponent, converting speech into an electrical signal, which can then be saved or reproduced.

Nanomembrane can perceive the beep even without direct impact. It can define words simply by vibrations of voice ligaments, if they fasten it on the skin of the throat. It can also be installed directly in the ear and take any form due to high elasticity. In the process of operation, the device is heated only to 33 ° C, so completely safe and unnoticed.

Scientists tested a microphone to recognize speech and unlock smartphone. As a result, the security system determined the owner in 98% of cases. Further, scientists will work on improving the quality and volume of sound, as well as over the accuracy of the microphone when speech recognition.

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