Created a real suit for flights, as in the «Iron Man»

The British Gravity company announced the start of sales of a suit with jet engines, which allows a person to quickly fly in the air and land gently.

Richard Browning, a former trader who founded GRAVITY independently created a unique development that even the authors of the Iron Man approved. All design elements were printed on a 3D printer. With the help of a suit, the creator and at the same time the main test was already installed the Guinness record, developing the speed of more than 50 km / h in the air. In this case, the device allows you to rise to a height of up to 3 km.

In 2017, GRAVITY was created, and recently a 1050BHP Jet Suit costume began selling Selfridges in the London store for £ 340 thousand (approximately $ 442 thousand). Those who have so much free money can feel the flight using the VR simulator. The developer also demonstrates its invention at various events.

Richard Browning is the son of the inventor and aviation engineer, one grandfather was a pilot, and the second ruled the enterprise that produced helicopters, so a partially a tendency to this type of activity led to genetics. Initially, he created a project for the sake of fun, but then began to experiment with reactive systems and created a superhero costume.

At the moment, with the help of an analysis of electronic models, a suit is improved. While it compares the invention with the first car, which was ineffective, noisy, stinking and unsafe. Richard hopes that in the future, people will forget about private aircraft and start using jet costumes for a shop to the store.

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