Cryprobes grows due to the expectations of Bitcoin-ETF

Part of analysts believes that market growth contributes to the expectations of the opening of the first stock exchange fund, based on cryptocurrency.

Earlier, the Chicago Exchange and other platforms submitted their bids for Bitcoin-ETF. Recently, these requests have begun to regularly enter SEC. Last month, the investment company Vaneck Associates and the Solidx Management startup also appealed to the Securities and Exchange Commission for the launch of the Adjustable Exchange Fund based on the BTS. Yesterday, BitWise Asset Management Asset Management also submitted an ETF opening request, which will track the 10 best virtual currencies index.

Such tools can increase the value of cryptoacivis, opening them for a wider range of investors. Blackhorse Group Managing Director Adrian Lai told that many talk about the soon approval of Bitcoin-ETF. Although he himself is not sure of this, but the market reacts very well to this speculation.

Regardless of the reasons, the recent rebound of the crypton raises interest in virtual currencies. At the time of writing the article, the total market capitalization reached $ 300 billion according to, and

However, not only investors are interested in fate crypton.