Cryptobot — New Threat Twitter

Fraudulent bots quickly spread over the Internet and captured twitter. While the majority of users of social networks are used to the incessant advertising calls from the majority of at least little of popular cryptolics, the problem began to accept other turns.

The other day by Cybersecurity Duo Security, a study was published, showing how much the scope of harm from cryptocurrency fraudulent bots in Twitter. At work, at least 15 thousand accounts were studied. Researchers used machine learning to separate the real accounts from bots, as well as classify fraudsters on their tendency to cryptocurrency. The company studied 88 million Twitter accounts, focusing on the last 200 tweets in the tape. The conclusion turned out to be as follows: at least 15 thousand pages turned out to be bot accounts devoted directly to fraud with cryptocurrency.

Against the background of serious revolutions, the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Biderin was forced to change its name on Vitalik Non-Giver of Ether. It is worth noting that not all twitter users are currently able to really distinguish the bot from the real page, which gives rise to the possibility of reinforcing fraudulent actions.

The study showed that many cryptobots have active pages. Chatting and support it to avoid detection and deletion. This greatly complicates common efforts to remove fraudulent accounts. Twitter, who took a tough position against cryptocurrency in the form of a ban on the entire advertisement associated with cryptography, not very much and is in a hurry to solve the problem of fraudulent bots, despite the negative atmosphere they create on the platform.

Buderin in response to the tweet of Ilona Mask, laughing at the bots, called Jack Dorsey and the Ethereum developer community to solve the problem. Twitter, for his part, showed the willingness to take ready-made solutions if they are really effective.

On Twitter — bots, in restaurants — robots: