Dynetics will build a laser weapon with a capacity of 100 kW for the US Army

US Defense Ministry allocated $ 10 million on the development of a tactical vehicle creation program with a 100 kW laser armament system.

The development of an armored truck model with a high-energy gun is engaged in Dynetics, Lockheed Martin and their partners. Military contractors argue that laser weapons makes it possible to effectively and cheap solve a lot of combat missions. The project is designed to counter enemy UAV, missiles, artillery and mortars who threaten the deployment of troops.

Developing Dynetics Hel TVD includes several subsystems that increase the reliability of the equipment in various tactical conditions. The company has recently completed work on the technical component of the weapon, in 2019 it plans to submit a design project, and by 2022 to start field tests.

Contractors modify systems, equipment and production to create a new family of medium tactical vehicles. Developers say that symbiosis of laser and kinetic weapons will significantly increase the protection efficiency.