Earrozone economy slowed down growth

Early predictions regarding the growth opportunities of the eurozone economy completely failed. Indicators demonstrate the decline, while inflation data are on the highest marks according to statistics over the past six years.

GDP rolled to a level of 0.3%, which is the lowest indicator at the rate of last two years. Speaking about the situation in individual countries, economists noted that no one was able to achieve previously set slats. If we take into account the reasons for this provision, experts identify the lack of stability in the field of trade. Some even call the position of the trading war. And if the internal demand is managed to keep in the previous positions, its decline in export deliveries has significantly hit the eurozone business sector.

Additionally, experts are worried due to uncharacteristic inflation growth rates, the excessive activity of which is uncharacteristic for the current period of stagnation. If you again appeal to the calculations over the past six years, then you can see a record increase in prices, which was 2.1% (earlier it did not exceed the mark of 2%). At the same time, the America’s economy, on the contrary, demonstrates a significant improvement in his «Health». Trump managed to speak out about this, immodestly calling the rise of historical.

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