Economic war against the background of sanctions.

New US sanctions against Russia called an unprecedented excitement. The fact is that their Dmitry Medvedev, not embarrassed in expressions, called the «actual announcement of the economic war.»

He completed his speech, according to which, when declaring the United States on the ban on the work of financial institutions or on the use of any currency, the war will be given in the active phase. Medvedev also shared a statement, according to which America immediately receives an answer to his actions, and its representatives should understand it.

According to the prime minister, Russia is under the sanction blowing at least the last century. This is done in order to remove the country from among possible competitors in various fields related to the financial well-being of active players.

It is noteworthy that earlier in his microblogger, he wrote about the hope of restoring relations with the West:

Meanwhile, the United States explained his decision to the need to take measures after the receipt of information on the use of biological weapons by the Kremlin. In order to soften the speech, during which the world community was presented a new sanctions package, the State Department clarified that this way the United States is trying to establish relations with Russia.

It is known that sanctions will come into full force from August 22. The export of electronics fall under them. After entering the second block «Aeroflot», flights can be prohibited in the United States.

Earlier, we wrote about another conflict on the political arena: