Elina Sidorenko revealed the causes of summer growth cryptocurrency

In an interview with NTV television channel, Ealina Sidorenko told about why cryptusers can observe the market rise. Unlike classic financial instruments, summer for digital coins is not a «dead» period, but rather, on the contrary, the expert believes.

Growth opportunities were supplemented by some stabilization of the cryptocurrency position in the market. Additionally, the growth path was opened thanks to the transfer of the FATF report, which was aimed at making decisions to tighten the requirements for working with digital money. The report was postponed until November. The G20 report was also postponed to autumn.

Elina Sidorenko also noted that the outflow of low-qualified investors continues, which previously invested in cryptocurrency and were not ready for its high volatility. Such a position was called to her «thinning of the ranks». Speaking of further prospects on the part of regulators, it was noted that most countries have chosen an exclusively observational position, which they adhere to, in attempts to bypass.

The topic of money laundering through cryptocurrencies was affected. According to Sidorenko, similar risks are saved. An example of Japan’s position — in connection with fairly rapidly decisions about the withdrawal of digital coins in the first echelon of payment funds, the government has lost control over them. An attackers are actively used by such a situation, including the Mafia Yakuza, known to the whole world.

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