Engineers created a computer with a size of 0.3 mm

Engineers of the University of Massachusetts created a microcomputer, which has a size of only 0.3 mm on each side, which is 10 times less than Martov Development IBM.

The device was named Michigan Micro Mote and is able to independently carry out calculations, measure the temperature. Since it is absolutely biocompatible, then with its help you can explore cancer tumors and follow the process of their treatment. However, despite record indicators and the ability to process data, the developers say that it cannot be called a full-fledged computer.

Microcomputer Michigan Micro Mote near rice grain

Until it cannot be connected to the battery due to scaling problems, therefore, the availability of light is required. At the same time, it consumes so much energy that it is difficult to supply it by classical ways, and nanoscale transistors are required, so as not to overload the device. Although it can handle information, but it is not yet able to store it, but only to transmit, which makes it dependent on the power supply.
Modern technologies are improved not only towards a decrease in size, but also in increasing efficiency.

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