Facebook rapidly loses its market capitalization

Facebook lost $ 125 billion of its market value after the publication of a quarterly report, which has become identified the largest fall in the history of the American stock market. And the case is not financial indicators — the company actually reported on 42% increase in income.

We are talking about users: an increase in the user base is not as high as at the heyday stage. The bottom line is that the fewer people prefer to share their personal information on Facebook’s expanses, the worse its economic indicators become.
Some analysts even predict the ambulance of the social network. They argue that the platform will become old, and that more and more young people become Yary opponents of Facebook.

For 12 years of Facebook’s existence, he has lost its attractiveness for many users. According to some calculations, recent scandals associated with the sale of account data, cost 1 million users platform.

Many are considered to decline the largest social network in the world so far noticeable for users. According to Marina Tarasevich, a media promotion expert, to fade this social network to start when worthy alternatives appear. Now they are not. VKontakte and Instagram are more entertainment platforms than business. She also noted that in the digital world any surprise may arise, therefore, there should be no negative scenarios for the development of events.

It is noteworthy that previously representatives of the site were considered the possibility of transition to blockchain, which, ultimately, were recognized as ineffective for practical implementation. Although in this case the main problem would be solved — privacy protection with the guarantee of its implementation.

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