FAS will limit the state support of profitable industries

The Federal Antimonopoly Service plans to limit the level of state support for the expansion of industrial industries, in which there is an excess of production capacity. The intentions of the department today reported «Kommersant».

To implement the idea of FAS plans to add appropriate adjustments to the legislative base, the development of which will be engaged in the Ministry of Industry. Representatives of the metallurgical industry, loaded last year, were pushed to such a decision, loaded last year by 85%. However, the source «Kommersant» says that the initiative applies to other industrial sectors.

According to officials, the introduction of new capacities can harm the acting. Gas, refineries, engineering, machine-tool, shipbuilding, car-building took place. According to statistics, the average loading of Russian manufacturing production during the last year was 64.1%, the shipyard for 2017 was used only to third capacity, and automobile plants — only 45%.

However, the assessment of the share of resources involved may vary depending on the established conditions and methods of analysis. Thus, in the first two quarters of the current year, 56.5% of the capacity had enough for the production of cars, but only enterprises with a shortage of working capital were simple, and the rest were loaded completely. In other cases, the increase in production increases reduces profitability. Therefore, experts ambiguously evaluate the potential effect and consequences of the initiative.