Finland introduced the first electric power supply

In Finland, successful testing of the aircraft with an Alpha Electro electric motor capable of flewing more than 200 km without recharging.

The vehicle does not harm the environment, and in terms of the noise level is comparable to the desktop fan. The electrical power supply has a compact size and can spend in the air to 1.5 hours, but to ensure security, it is necessary to save the reserve, so the working time is reduced.

Designers say that the device is not inferior to ordinary aircraft, and the costs of flying ten times less than when using fuel. Representatives of the Finnish Aviation Association doubt that such models can be used for distant flights. The problem is that this requires a large battery, because of which the vehicle simply cannot take off. However, by 2020, they plan to launch traffic from electric power plants for local passenger traffic.

The cost of one Alpha Electro is about $ 175 thousand, but due to low operating costs, it is optimally suitable for training. Aviators considered that the use of the electrosphemelet can reduce the obtaining of a pilot license by 30%.