Flying car will use hydrogen fuel

The subsidiary of Urban, Metro Skyways, presented a project of a flying car on hydrogen fuel — CityHawk Evtol.

Soon such cars can stop being fantastic. The first Tests of CityHawk are scheduled for 2021-2022, after which the device should receive a certificate from the management of civil aviation. The developers say that a six-bed car will be able to develop speed up to 270 km / h and will initially be hybrid. However, after receiving the certificate, the engineers will translate it completely into hydrogen.

The project has a loose-free fuselage and the opportunity to fly with six degrees of freedom. CityHawk will be able to take off and land anywhere thanks to two rotors that increase traffic safety. At the same time, their internal location reduces the noise level. Developers talk about a new equivalent taxi or family sedan.

The company decided to prefer hydrogen, and not heavy batteries due to the prospects of this technology, the ecological component and large energy intensity of the gas. Engineers say they plan to adapt technology for AI and create an aircraft that works «on anything.»

Honda so far does not offer flying models, but intends to release