For RED Bull and Swarovski polls pay cryptocurrent customers

Cryptocurrency is a new way to encourage customers for their online activity. Users can now earn cryptotocos by participating in online polls Red Bull and Swarovski. Brands cooperate with the SWELL project, which is a multi-platform chat bot for finding feedback from users. Their activity is rewarded by KIN tokens.

When the need for a survey is about any product or place, consumers tend to participate. One question leads to another, and users will ultimately spend their time without any compensation, which does not like anyone. Meanwhile, Red Bull and Swarovski, having studied the question and recognizing the main stumbling block, are trying to provide real compensation for their regular compensation for time spent on them. For participation in all surveys, the respondents are paid cryptocurrency.

Thanks to customer opinions, work is promoted to fix and eliminate disadvantages. To improve products or services, it is important that the brand understand its customers and knew what they expect and what would like to fix.

SWELLY is a chat bot conducted by polls. Now they enjoy 8 million customers of companies that answered more than 200 million issues.

Swelly considered the possibility of creating his own cryptocurrency, but later chose a partnership with the KIK messenger.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market is not in the best condition: We previously disassembled, as