Ford will issue exoskeletons employees

Ford will issue exoscilege vests to the working on fifteen plants engaged in assembling cars around the world.

Exoskeleton Eksovests will be able to get every employee who directly participates in the production and several times a day performs operations above the head level. The vest is not equipped with a motor or battery to strengthen the owner, and instead provides support for hands during their uplift. The higher the hand is, the most of the load takes the exoskeleton.

Despite automation, people are still an important component of the assembly of cars. However, daily operations associated with holding hands above their heads lead to injuries and overload shoulders.

To help employees, Ford 16 months tested vest at two American factories. Tests completed successfully, employees used the mechanism of 86% of the time of the entire work shift. As a result, they were not so tired and their productivity improved.

The automaker decided to order EKSO Bionics vests for all 15 plants around the world. The Ford management says that now there are not many employees regularly perform operations above the head, therefore only 75 exoskels will be released. Technical specialists are already considering the prospects for expanding the possibilities of the vest.