Former militant plans to buy Exmo instead of WEX

Dmitry Khavchenko, who had previously participated in the fighting of the DPR, changed his mind to acquire WEX cryptobiru because of the failure of the negotiations and the difficulties of the withdrawal of customer funds. On this

According to the former militia, the current owner of WEX constantly changed the meeting date and the terms of the transaction, and after July 25, a lawyer arrived instead, Dmitry Khavchenko decided to finally refuse the idea of purchase. Previously, the parties discussed the full transfer of ownership of $ 3-5 million. Another reason was the essential overestimation of the Bitcoin rate on WEX and the fact that the exchange of cryptocurrency on Fiat is available only through Yandex.Money with a 55 percentage of the Commission.

However, Dmitry Khavchenko does not retreat from his plan to create a «patriotic» trading platform registered in one of the self-proclaimed republics. He claims to negotiate the purchase of Exmo cryptobiri. Although the leadership of the site itself does not confirm this.