Gazprom will defeat theft using big data

Big Data technology will be used in the gas industry. The Gazprom company has developed a system of analysis, thanks to which all the precedents of theft will be revealed in the shortest possible time. The need for technology has been called long ago: the amount of shortage is growing annually, which is explained by the unscrupiance of employees.

According to reports, the North Caucasian Federal District was especially distinguished. Gas theft indicators in it reaches $ 16 billion annually.

The use of technology will be based on the formation of detailed reports of all components of gas production. In the future, the information received will be required with the quantitative indicators of raw materials, information about the team, the start time, labor costs, the details of the use of technology.

At the output, the system will literally monitor each change in the company’s balance sheet. As a result, the Office will receive accurate reports, in the accuracy of which there will be no doubt — each item will be securely fixed on the blockchain. The decentralized storage and transmission system will also contribute to the effective turnover of information within the Company: Depending on the level of access, employees will only receive the data that are necessary for work.

As a result, the complete transparency of the extraction and other stages will allow to completely eliminate the shortage, optimizing the operation of the system. The consequence will be improving the welfare and targeted improvement in the economic situation of the Corporation.

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