General Electric invests in the development of Internet protection technology

Multi-sectoral American industrial conglomerate General Electric plans to invest in a startup Xage, which using the blockchain will create a cybersecurity system for IoT.

GE venture capital group will take part in the first investment round. So far, the startup is estimated at $ 35 million. Other large American funds have already been stated on his desire to support the project. According to the investment director of GE Ventures Abhishek Shukla, Xage will help introduce progressive technologies to energy, transport, telecommunications and other large-scale industries.

Recently, General Electric increasingly applies blockchas in its activities. Conglomerate wants to patent a new way of checking 3D printing parts and a system of observing and maintenance of aircraft on the blockchain. Subsidiaries also introduce and explore technology. GE Transportation has become a participant in the transport block of the Union, and GE Global Research is engaged in the study of technology in the field of electricity production from renewable sources and its payment for cryptocurrency.

It seems that the growth of corporations interest to the blockchain is growing regularly. Recently