Gibraltar footballers will pay in cryptocurrency

Since Gibraltar is one of the most popular jurisdictions for working with cryptocoluts, the new financial instrument on its lands becomes a means of paying salaries.

The first to whom they began to pay cryptocurrency, were athletes from the local football team Gibraltar United. Such a decision was accepted by the owner of the Pablo Dana club, which is a popular cryptocurrency investor. The main line of its attachments is focused on the Quantocoin coin.

The solution may seem unusual in terms of mixing cryptocurrency with football. However, the financial sector of the region is among the world leaders in the field of technological integration of the blockchain, demonstrating record indicators of the number of cryptocurrency transactions.

In the first stages, it is planned to partially replace satisfaction with the subsequent full translation for payments in digital coins.

The club owner believes that by applying this method of payment, he can inspire others to go to payments in cryptocurrencies, which can later eliminate financial corruption in the game world. Foreign team players will also be able to go to a new way of obtaining contentment: according to Pablo Dana, Gibraltar has all the necessary conditions for creating and efficient support for a bank account operating with a new financial instrument.

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