Google Glass glasses will return with artificial intelligence

Last week, the Israeli company Plataine demonstrated a new application for Google Glass, which improves the gadget and adds an artificial intelligence system.

Around a year after the cessation of sales, Google presented a new version of smart points, but this time the device is focused on workers. Google Glass Enterprise Edition is better understood by speech and offer verbal answers. The AI system is also integrated with which it is very easy to interact. The company is working on adding image recognition. The new system uses Google cloud services, so glasses will be able to partially replace the laptop or smartphone.

Plataine application tested Ge, Boeing and Airbus employees. The developers say that the gadget can inform the employee about the production problems requiring urgent attention and show useful information to solve them. AI can also give advice, for example, tell what is best to take the material and where it can be found. When synchronizing the action of the employee, real-time can see the head, which will help estimate its skills.

Artificial intelligence systems are quickly improved.