Google offered free quantum programming tools

Google proposed new open source software that will help developers experiment with quantum equipment.

Unlike bit computers, quantum uses cubes, but it requires completely different software to work with them, which is now engaged in only a small group of developers. Google decided to help and released a CIRQ software package that allows you to create algorithms without the need to use the background in quantum physics. It is publicly available and allows you to work on the basis of simulations. The purpose of the project is to assist in creating ready-made products for future real cars.

The technological giant has also released OpenFerMion-Cirq, tools for creating algorithms that imitate molecules and properties of materials. An additional incentive will be access to real quantum computers. Companies such as IBM and Rightti Computing are already allowed to work with their equipment, and in Google decided to follow their example. It is planned to open access to the BristLecone processor through a computing cloud where developers will be able to use CIRQ to write programs for it.