Google Play has become massively removing cryptoids

Last month, the news that Apple massively block applications, which, in one way or another, relate to cryptocomputes in one way or otherwise are rolled in cryptosred. Google representatives apparently, in the wave of desire, not to lag behind colleagues also decided to spend great sweeping.

This time, in addition to cryptocurrency, their attention was attracted by other developments. Mass work to eliminate dismissal applications began immediately after making another portion of updates for the legal policy of the site. It is noteworthy that the representatives of Google Play created a long list of conformity parameters, in case of violation of which, by the developers, they can automatically be banned.

The list of prohibitions of Google Play Store includes everything connected with the cryptocurrency production process. Nevertheless, applications are allowed to remotely manage mining. Under the definition of mining cryptocurrency, processes related to solving complex mathematical tasks, helping to check the transaction in the blockchain.

From the store will be forever the applications that have any attitude to the content for persons over 18 years old will be forever. Applications that promote hatred incitements, violence, damage, discrimination based on various factors, such as sexual orientation or gender, are also prohibited. Additionally, applications are included for terrorist organizations.

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