Happy Birthday, Ethereum!

July 30, the Ethereum team celebrated its third birthday. The project from the very first days was promising. The entire cryptosocial community followed the process of its development. The ideas of Vitaly Biderina were able to really be a support for the construction of a new system of working with cryptocurrency.

In the official blog, Ethereum Stefan Tula commented on the event and thanked the public for confidence in the project, ensuring that all the plans were implemented in accordance with the terms of execution.

«A few minutes ago was exactly three years since the launch of the genesis of Ethereum, which became the first step of becoming. The developer team joins me in my desire to thank everyone and each of you for your support over the past years. The progress of the project today seems incredible, «said Tula.

Ethereum has become a real revolution, bringing the idea of smart contracts into the world. With his arrival, Bitcoin could finally feel real competition, put forward by the second generation project. The team will continue to improve its product.

By the way, not so long ago it became known that