Huobi launched a «cloud» for over-the-counter transactions

Huobi Holding announced the launch of the Huobi Cloud’s own cloud platform, with which users will be able to form transactions based on an existing service. More than 10 international companies have already signed an agreement on the future interaction with the company.

The main task of a new service will be the creation of convenient work for those who want to make the outdoor exchange of digital assets. It is worth noting that Huobi Cloud will include four components: exchange, over-the-counter trading, operational component and various solutions proposed by the ecosystem.

Huobi is founded in 2013 and ranks third in the daily turnover of funds. Team offices are located worldwide, including countries such as Singapore, USA and Japan. Recently, representatives of the Exchange made announcements at once in several areas of work: the improvement of the technical component and expansion to other countries, for example, to Australia.

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