IBM will soon be a competitor R3

IBM has merged with the CLS payment system to create the LEDGerConnect Blockchalter, offering solutions for the provision of financial services. The project has already begun to test nine financial companies, including Barclays and Citibank.

IBM believes that the work of banks and financial companies in a single system will significantly simplify their activities. The platform will also create unique financial decentralized applications that can easily interact with each other.

So far, the project is at the testing stage, but the developers say they are confident in the success of the concept, approval of regulators and sufficient market demand. Information on the official website of IBM claims that their blockchain is not limited to the financial sphere, also proposing solutions for eight other industries and even a separate search engine.

Many large banks are developing their own technological solutions on the blockchain, but this may lead to the fact that they will not be able to contact each other. The global platform suggests

«Today, many technological and financial leaders unite their efforts, creating consortia, in finding the possibility of using blockchawing technologies to create more competitive high-tech decisions in the field of finance: Whether the issue of bonds or settlement of trade transactions. The IBM decision upgrades a number of financial areas, including client identity processes, check on sanction lists, mortgage property management. » — Analysts consider

American giants are increasingly handling the blockchain and virtual currency, and their number includes