ICO market in the second quarter slowed down

Research data ICORATING.COM reflect the slowdown of ICO growth market dynamics, unprofitability and deterioration of many other statistical indicators in the second quarter of 2018.

Analysts noted that during this period most projects brought losses to investors, and those who have invested in them lost about half of the funds. In the first quarter, the average profitability was 49.32%, and according to the results of the second fell to 55.38%.

Despite record financing collection rates, a general decline in interest in this area was recorded. From those attracted $ 8.3 billion more than $ 4 billion added

However, analysts note that during this period, 15% of startups were offered a working product, which is 2.5 times more than in the previous period. Those who tried to attract investment, having only a WP and the basic team, have collected only $ 4.5 million, and from MVP — eight times more.

Projects offering decentralized applications, in 53% of cases failed, and the most successful tokens used Utility. The most of all ICOs are in demand, associated with stock exchanges, wallets, real assets and data warehouses.

Experts note that the second quarter of 2018 became the most stringent for the primary accommodation market, which were injured from the overall decline in cryptocurrency. However, they hope that the fees scheduled for the residue are waiting for more favorable conditions.