II instructed to solve the mystery of dark matter

Astrophysics of several universities and CERN researchers began to use artificial intelligence to determine the phenomenon of dark matter and have already received the first results.

Almost ten years ago, scientists discovered an unusual radiance in the center of our galaxy. They believed that this is a gamma radiation emitted as a result of the self-destruction of dark matter.

People are very difficult to treat huge data arrays, take into account and analyze all variable factors and make the correct conclusion. Therefore, a team of researchers from Amsterdam University and the University of Grenoble Alps used machine learning algorithms to determine the true nature of this phenomenon. As a result, II helped find out that radiation is not associated with dark matter, but is formed due to the accumulation of gas and radiation of its surrounding stars.

Researchers working with a large adronle collider apply AI to analyze new physics on a quantum level. For this, scientists began to faced lead atoms at the speed of light, observing the behavior of the resulting antimatter and gamma radiation. These studies are held to find answers to the essence of dark matter on the elementary level. Since the sensors are recorded every second and transmit millions of gigabytes of data, then eternity on their sorting and filtering would be used without machine learning systems.

Although the existence of dark matter suggested more than a century ago, we still did not know anything about it, except that she really is. Now scientists hope that the development of AI will help them at least a little minimize the curtain over this secret universe.