In 2019, start selling robots-dogs

Boston Dynamics, the developer of unique flexible robots, is ready to release its first commercial product to the market — a small, similar to the dog’s robot, named Spotmini.

Mark Rieber, the founder of the company, recently told that by July 2019 it is planned to produce a thousand units of robotics annually. Prior to sales, developers intend to create a flexible platform for various applications. Currently, solutions are tested for construction, delivery, security and home assistance.

The robot has a lot of about 72 kg, but extremely mobile and easily overcomes various obstacles. The new model has a sleek housing that fully hides internal elements, and can perform many tasks.

In Boston Dynamics, they say that in the future, third-party developers will be able to create and offer consumers their own applications. SPOTMINI is expected to be a safe alternative to Amazon flying drones.

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