In China, waiters began to replace robots

In the Chinese restaurant Robot.he, instead of living waiters, customers are fully serviced by robots that move along ribbon, and wish a pleasant appetite.

Alibaba introduces robotics and artificial intelligence in all areas of its activities. Recently, in one of the restaurants, the giant fully automated the process of servicing visitors. In Robot.he each client now orders food using a special application, and delivering her robots similar to toasters. They move along a special tape next to the tables, and reaching the right, rise, open the lid and wish a pleasant appetite.

The restaurant’s management argues that the innovation has reduced costs and attract many visitors. Often builds a whole queue from those who want to look at the novelty. In addition, the average cost of food is now 3-4 times lower than in other similar institutions Shanghai. Although experts say that although it helps to save in large cities, where the waiter salary is about $ 1500, but in the province, the introduction of such technology is still unprofitable.

Nevertheless, Alibaba has already announced plans to open 1000 automated restaurants across the country by 2020. So far, the company owns 57 institutions in 13 Chinese cities, in which part of the personnel will also be replaced by cars.

It is possible that in the future, robots will not only carry out human work, but also become externally similar to us. In the laboratory of artificial intelligence of the company